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Artist & Gallery Owner


Christie Smith, expressionist and photographer, left a successful 23-year career as an LPGA teaching professional to pursue another in art.  As a teacher, Christie's innovative teaching techniques and deep love of connection reached through individuals' unique blockages and unlocked for them the joy of the game.

As an artist, Christie's paintings and photographs use vibrant color and texture to capture and communicate the playful, joyful way she experiences the world. "My goal is to use artwork to connect with individuals and their unique interpretation of beauty in life."

All of Christie's pieces, like the artist herself, brim with

exuberance and overflow with her joy of life. Born in Oxford, Alabama, Christie has lived in Northern California for the past 20 years. In her early life, Christie was drawn to athletics, accepting a scholarship in basketball and softball in northern Alabama. After an injury, she was introduced to the game of golf. She excelled quickly and went on to attend Methodist College to play in their golf program. She was part of 3 National Championships and graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Professional Golf Management.  Whether through teaching or art, Christie strives to connect individuals to a deeper sense of themselves and spark joyful emotions.

"I want my art to touch a place in their soul and inspire them to create, dream, imagine the life they want to experience."