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"Art comes to us in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. Depending on the artist, the piece you receive will be a unique representation of the work they do, their feelings, their emotions, and their beliefs. That is why no artist is like the other. However, beautiful art pieces can be created as a result of artistic collaborations. This is how Christie Smith’s newest collection Satisfaction came to life.

David Stratford is a California photographer mostly known for the over 10,0000 photographs he took at rock concerts all over Southern California between July 1973 through early 1976. With no training, cameras borrowed from friends and family, and sneaking into concerts, his work documented the incredible energy and emotion he witnessed on stage iconic legends such as Mick Jagger. Now, Christie Smith has taken his incredible work to the next level.

Satisfaction brings Stratford’s photographs into the art gallery work by Smith’s hand. This art gallery owner receives the photographs from the Californian photographer of several well-known Rock & Roll Stars. From there on, Smith does what she is known for: creating a masterpiece. She enhances the photograph and uses resin mixed with metal flakes to create a unique piece of art. Customers can then purchase this beautiful piece through Unleashed Art Gallery."

- The New York Guardian, November 12, 2020

The Satisfaction Collection is exclusively offered at Unleashed Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. Please contact us directly for sales inquiries. 

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